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Product Description

This cat litter tray is an excellent choice for pet supply retailers and individual sellers. Its practical design, with a deep build and attractive pawprint pattern, appeals to cat owners looking for a functional and aesthetically pleasing litter solution. The lightweight and durable plastic material makes it easy to clean and maintain. The product's packaging, size, and weight are optimized for easy shipping and storage, making it a convenient choice for online sales and physical retail outlets. The attached sticker ensures that all necessary product information is readily available, simplifying the selling process.

Product Overview:

  • Product Type:

    • A durable cat litter tray designed for both cats and kittens.
  • Design and Features:

    • Features a subtle pawprint design, adding a touch of style.
    • Deep construction to minimize the risk of litter spillage.
  • Material:

    • Made from durable plastic, ensuring longevity and ease of cleaning.
  • Dimensions and Weight:

    • Packaged Dimensions: 25 cm x 8.6 cm x 35 cm, a suitable size for most cats and kittens.
    • Packaged Weight: 0.21 kg, lightweight and easy to handle.
  • Packaging:

    • Comes with an attached sticker, indicating the product details.
    • Designed for efficient packaging and easy identification.
  • Ideal for:

    • Online retailers, especially those selling on platforms like Amazon and eBay.
    • Market traders and retail stores looking for a reliable, easy-to-sell pet accessory.
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